SJP Acoustical Consultants is an independent Team of Acoustical Consultants. We provide practical approach to Acoustical Consulting for various Architectural and Noise Control issues by resolving them during the Design Stage by working with the Architects, Clients, PMCs, etc., SJP Acoustical Consultants provides pre and post-noise control Measurements and detailed Acoustical Design for the required Spaces. Acoustical issues include room shaping, Reverberation Control, and separation of spaces. Noise issues encompass the design of the building envelope, placement, and Isolation of Mechanical spaces in relation to Noise-.sensitive occupancies and Noise Control for Ventilation, Exhaust, and Air-conditioning system. Vibration issues including the control of Walker-induced vibration and vibration isolation of major Mechanical systems. Industrial noise control is a growing concern in factories, industrial sites, manufacturing Units wherein we provide practical Solutions for the Occupants.
We Design and Test Good Acoustics for the following spaces: Corporate, Information Technology Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Sports Halls, Amphitheaters, Quiet Rooms, Audio Privacy Rooms, Tele Presence Rooms, Studios Atrium, Class Rooms, Hospitality Industrial Acoustics – D.G.Sets, Compressors, STPs, etc.,
We also provide Acoustics AV/Stage /Sound System Services ( design with EASE Model ) for the following Spaces Cine Theaters, Home Theaters, Recording Studios, Cafeteria – Dining Hall, Convention Halls – Banquet Halls, Worship Places such as Churches, Temples, and Mosques.
SJPAC does not own any Acoustical material manufacturing factory, SJPAC is not tied-up with any manufacturer, We believe in specifying a product must be suited for the Project.

Our Team

Stanley A Jayapalan

  • Diploma in Electronic Engineering.
  • Senior Acoustical Consultant
  • 20 Year’s experience in the field of Acoustics
  • 12 Years as Design and Build Contractor in Acoustical Projects.
  • 8 years – Acoustical Design and Field Tests Design and Review of Room Acoustics, Acoustics in Corporate/ IT industry, Auditoriums,, Food courts, Lecture Halls, Board Rooms, Industrial units (Diesel Generators, Compressors, STPs, M/c) etc.
  • Conducting Noise Survey with Type-1 Sound Level Analyzer, Design of Industrial Labs, Acoustical Chambers Experience in Noise Isolation and Reverberation Tests, Initial site visit to ascertain site conditions, interaction with Clients etc., work for around 200 projects with the previous Firm.
  • Works as a guest lecturer in few colleges.

Padmanabha B

Bachelor of Engineering | Consultant – Acoustics

EASE 3D Model Specialist since 10 Years. Specialist in EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) model and cad. EASE software is used for simulation and designing of architectural buildings in order to find various acoustical problems. Audio signals are simulated using this software. This software can also be used for predicting how audio signal can react inside a particular space, can analyze how acoustic treatments can affect or improve the performance in the space. Worked on Design of Acoustics with the Principal in Corporate, ITES, Institutional projects, Auditoriums, Cafeterias, Multi-Function Halls, Stadiums, Sports Halls etc., with more than 150 projects with the previous Firm.

Yogesh Kumar KS
BE – Computer Science Site Engineer 
2 Years Experience

Ms. Lynn Urikhinbam
MS (Civil-Structural engg)
1 Year as the structural engineer

Raymond Joshua
BE- Mechanical
5 Years in Acoustical Field Test

Vijendra AS
Site Engineer 
2 Years in Acoustical Field Test

Vijay Kumar PJ
BA – Graduate 
Auto Cad Specialist and Site Engineer 
2 Years Experience

Manju Kumar BK
Diploma in Computer Science
Auto Cad and Google sketch up Interior Designer
6 Years Experience (Design and Build)

Pradeepa KH
Diploma in Computer Science
Auto Cad Specialist and Site Engineer
5 Years Experience